Newforms Training Sessions include 5 main ingredients:

  1. Content focuses on the desired outcomes of the session
  2. Stories inspire and motivate
  3. Games creatively engage participants in active learning
  4. Tools facilitate the generation of ideas and strategies and help to capture learning
  5. Truth & Dare – every participant leaves a Newforms session having committed to action points that will move them forward towards their goal

Newforms’ Methods and Values:


• Play practical games
• Create multi-sensory environments
• Enable interactive learning in different styles; thinking, hearing, saying, seeing and doing
• Use simple and effective practical tools
• Encourage diversity
• Activate real-world skills
• Tell stories to inspire
• Train delegates to pass on the skills to ensure competence

The Newforms style and method is extremely practical and ensures the highest level of retention of learning: Experiential training and simulations that delegates pass on to others help you retain up to 90%, compared to 10-20% of learning from traditional lecture style

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