Build your business to the next level.

The Newforms BusinessHouse is a business training game to help you develop your business to the next level. Contact Us to find out more

Playing the BusinessHouse as part of Newforms Training workshops will activate vital skills for leadership & management, development and business growth. The BusinessHouse helps you grow your business into a fully developed, growing business – a ‘full house’ of teams and profitable activity!

As a result of the training, you will develop a growth plan and gain the following skills:

Creating your blueprint for success…
Vision and purpose
Leadership development
Goal setting, time management, prioritizing

Developing your innovation process…
Idea generation
Creative problem solving
Scaling up

Implementing a focused Marketing Strategy…
Defining your brand
Creating a marketing plan
Sales techniques
Residual Income
Multiple income streams
Client relationship management

Managing people, projects and delivery…
Understanding people: Communication styles; Learning styles; Personality types
Developing leaders and teams
Culture and values
How to train teams
Effective team management

Keeping your house in order and running efficiently…
Managing your assets
Monitoring your activity
Assessing the success
Quality Assurance
Financial planning
Systems & processes
Legal requirements

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