Ready to launch your business idea?

Our ‘BusinessPath’ workshops cover the main themes of the Start-Up business journey and will give you everything you need to launch your business idea. Buy the new Business Path Journal Here

They are ideal for:

1. Pre-Start-Ups: People considering starting up a business / enterprise of their own
2. Start-Ups: New Start-Ups who have begun trading
3. College and University Students and young entrepreneurs
4. Organisations and Individuals starting Social Action / Social Enterprise projects

Workshop 1

In our workshop sessions you will experience the revolutionary Newforms ‘BusinessPath’.

The BusinessPath is an innovative framework which simplifies the start-up process into 7 steps. It takes you on the journey from initial enterprise idea, helping you pick up the vital enterprise skills needed to have started-up your Dream Business

Workshop 2
Below is an overview and outcomes of the BusinessPath’s themes, and some examples of what is covered in each theme:

Entrepreneurs Zone
The Entrepreneurs Zone helps you know what it will take to live the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur on the BusinessPath, it’s all about getting ready to get on the BusinessPath and staying on course!

1. Picture
The Picture step helps you begin on the BusinessPath by picturing your future business and planning your route to reach that destination.

2. Map
The Map step helps you discover and understand the people and places you are going to go to with your offer.

3. Target
The Target step helps you effectively communicate the message of your offer to your prospective clients, honing your skills of hitting the target.

4. Wheel
The Wheel step helps you refine the solution you are offering and learn how to clearly demonstrate the problem-solving power to your potential clients.

5. Key
The Key step helps you recognise your ‘key’ prospective clients who will unlock significant opportunities and relationships for you. You will discover how to identify and activate these ‘Key’ customers.

6. Play
The Play step helps you discover and deliver your customer experience with excellence.

7. Multiply
The Multiply step helps you to gain confidence and skill in the financial, legal and administrative parts of your start-up journey

The BusinessPath sessions last in total from 12 hours upwards. However we tailor the sessions to meet your needs so timings are flexible.
But here are some examples of how the workshops could be delivered:
Option 1: Delivered over 1.5 – 2 days training
Option 2: Delivered over a series of weeks of 3 hour workshops a week

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