‘Collaborative Play’ Session

Newforms activated a ‘Collaborative Play & Problem Solving’ Session for entrepreneurs on Broadway Nottingham’s Projector Program.
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Newforms Set up

What the Newforms Game-players said about the session..

What was unique?
“the game format”
“very practical”
“It changed my way of approaching issues”


What was helpful?
“sharing ideas with my team”
“sharing common issues”
“collaborative understanding”
“defining problems”


What did you most like?
“the game format of problem solving”
“enabled discussion”
“the concept”
“the collaborative play”


What did you gain?
“confidence to ask others about issues as we are all in the same boat”
“knowledge of processes”
“Skills to help with my business”
The multi-sensory collaborative environment we created involved:
– Innovative Newforms games
– Simple tools
– Storytelling
To experience a Newforms session please Contact Us:


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