Hear from our clients…

Check out 2 new video testimonials from Donna (Dream Workshops) & Syreeta (Freedom Homes) on the impact of the business support they have received from us. Watch the full videos on our Client Stories page. Some quotes from the videos:

Donna “I didn’t really know where to begin, so we had quite an intensive time of support and guidance with looking at research, looking at business, looking at marketing, looking at where we’d find potential clients, looking at what skills I had and how they could work to help really bring that into place…┬áreally invaluable”

Syreeta “It’s always been a dream for over ten years, but now it’s becoming a reality, just seeing the business plan set up, and the financial bits, the things I didn’t really know… doing a step by step model of how to bring it all together… it pushes you to get the job done”

Watch the full videos on our Client Stories page as well as more video testimonials, recommendations & quotes from past clients.