Learning in Lincoln!

“I enjoyed learning how to take a business from the beginning to finding a customer.”

Lincoln Workshop

We, as Newforms Training and Development, completely understand how difficult it is to create a new business that will prosper.

Recently we have been able to aid 34 Lincoln University students to picture their future business at the ‘SparkHouse’ business support centre (which was fabulous). We activated 2 start-up workshops: the Newforms ‘Wheel’ and ‘Business House’ start up sessions. Involving our mix of stories, games and practical tools.

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Just to toot our own horn even more, we actually have some statistics! Looking at our reflective surveys from the workshops we discovered from both sessions 80% of the participants found the workshop creative and fun!

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The ‘Wheel’ session focuses on the skills to turn customer’s problems into solutions. While the ‘Business House’ session focuses on the 5 key areas that need to be developed within your business to ensure success. Many of the Lincoln students made an impressive breakthrough in their understanding of their own business and their target customers. All the participants left with an action plan for their next steps.

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