Lifestyle of an entrepreneur @Antenna_UK

32 people joined us for the Newforms ‘Raise Your Game’ session at Antenna, Nottingham.

Meditation. Dreaming. Inspiration from great 19th Century British entrepreneurs.

Goal setting and tools to make the dreams happen.

People who attended felt they had gained:

“New business goals”

“A good action plan”

“Learning to set myself time deadlines”

“..Encouragement that there are other people who genuinely want to change the world for the better”

“A bit of courage and a better picture of my business”

“Confidence in my way of being”

“Some tools to help plan goals!”

“Affirmation of my beliefs”

“Useful tools”

“Some interesting guidelines and helpful way to focus on what matters”

“The meeting on Monday has really helped me to move forward and work in a more effective way already” (Via email 4 days after the session) 

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