Turning big ideas into a reality

At Newforms, we passionately believe not only in the importance of entrepreneurship but in the potential of young up and coming entrepreneurs to truly make a difference. It is therefore important to us that those with potential are given the training and support they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.

The challenge we face in the modern world, when it is easier than it has ever been before to share and broadcast ideas, is how we can ensure that the training offered by Newforms is unique and creative enough to provide budding entrepreneurs with new ways of enhancing and expanding their business. This challenge played an important role in inspiring the creation of our innovative Business Path game

Using the Business Path game, Newforms provides small businesses with examples of the choices and challenges they will forever be faced with when working in business, but does so in a way which is engaging, informative and (here’s the crucial part) fun. We use the Business Path game because it ensures that we avoid the trap so many business training events fall in to. We’ve all been there, after all, sat in offices in large groups of people as we watch presentations full of numbers and statistics, with none of it making any impact. That’s why when we consider it important that our training sessions must be fun, it is not solely to entertain those we train but to ensure that they really do learn from it, and by the time the games have finished our young entrepreneurs return to their businesses with a fresh passion for innovation and a greater understanding of what they need to both meet their targets and go beyond them.

One previous Newforms Game-player at Broadway Nottingham said  the Business Path “changed my way of approaching issues”

This is why the practical approach we take at Newforms is important. It doesn’t just get you thinking, it gets you doing. Business is rising to challenges and taking action, and that is what our training sessions, with the help of our Business Path games, is all about…

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